“Our products must have a strong visual impact. The aesthetic appearance and originality of the bottle are important characteristics for the consolidation and growth of the presence of Santero products on foreign markets ” – said Gianfranco Santero, CEO of the Santero Wines winery.

On the banks of the Belbo stream, a tributary of the Tanaro river, stands Santo Stefano Belbo, an ancient Piedmontese town in the province of Cuneo known mainly for its wine production. The area has a rich endowment of historic cellars dug into the tuff, between ancient farmhouses bulwark of elegant architecture. A deployment of medieval villages embellished with churches and castles as evidence of a centuries-old culture based on the production of wine. In this context is the Santero company, between the Langhe and Monferrato: an undulating, lively territory made fascinating by the play of colors given by the spontaneous vegetation and crops.

The Santero company lives in close contact with the territory, its tradition as a historic wine company. The passing of time, with its seasonal rhythms and nature, a symbiosis between man and the environment.

The history of Santero begins immediately after the war when the brothers Leopoldo, Renzo, Aldo and Adelio Santero continue the family tradition started by their father, consolidating their entrepreneurial spirit. An established winemaking cellar was purchased in Santo Stefano Belbo, which was equipped for the production of sparkling wines and classic Piedmontese wines.

In 1977, a very modern factory, the current headquarters of the Company, came into operation on an area of ​​over 18,000 square meters near the birthplace of the writer Cesare Pavese.

The majestic and very modern vinification cellar has a storage capacity of 120,000 hectoliters of which 70,000 are thermo-conditioned. The clientele expands, new markets are opened, national borders are crossed, always with the utmost attention to market needs.

Respecting traditions, but also in the search for modernity, the distinctive capacity of the lines of wines and sparkling wines is implemented, with great attention to the study of the bottle, attributing distinctiveness and authority to the product; differentiating them in the packaging, with POP ART graphics that do not go unnoticed.

Since then, there have been numerous purchase proposals, but the producers remain convinced: “The vision about the family-business relationship is clear to us: the family acts as an “engine” for the transformation and development of the company. For this reason, my partners and I have rejected without hesitation the proposals coming from external subjects, unable to understand the complex dynamics that bind Santero to its territory and to the people who have determined its growth and evolution ».

With a turnover in strong and constant growth since the late nineties, Santero is today a solid company, both from an industrial and an owner point of view. 100% controlled by cousins ​​Gianfranco, Pierpaolo, Lorenza and Fabrizio, descendants of the founder Pietro, the ownership of the company remains firmly in the hands of the Santero family and ranks among the leaders of the wine market.