Caricato Factory was created back in 1815, when the story of a family with different surnames intertwined and succeeded each other. In keeping with time-honoured customs, the main focus was to continue to respect the value of the fruit-bearing terrain.

Caricato’s countryside cultivated with olive trees, vines, legumes, cereals and other crops, are located in various localities of Salento, in Southern Puglia, making up a total of 45 hectares. It is not a single corporate body, but the result of multiple funds and holdings located in the countryside of San Pietro in Lama, Lequile, Monteroni, Nardò, Copertino, Leverano.

Francesco Caricato born in 1971 in San Pietro in Lama, on the outskirts of Lecce, in Salento, South of Puglia, is the owner of Caricato Factory.

Why “factory”?
Because it can be utilized in a multitude of different ways: it can be considered as a farm in the strict sense of the word, which refers to the agricultural land and the countryside; it can be described as a place of activity, a “factory” in the English sense of the word; meaning a production plant, in which a mill is located and where olives are transported and transformed into oil.
The farm can also be considered as a kind of “think tank”; a place for meetings and deliberation.

Uecchi Te Musciu

Wine type: red dry
Harvest: 2005
Alc. %: 13
Variety: Negroamaro
Region: San Pietro in Lama, Puglia
Aroma: chocolate, coffee, dsrk fruits and oak notes
Serving temperature: 16 – 18 ° C
Suitable with grilled meats, roasts and game