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COLOMBIANA – Doña Sandra Selection is the first product from the selection of Doña Sandra, which we present on the Bulgarian market.

There are few countries more famous for their coffee than Colombia. COLOMBIANA arrives from the department of Villa, a mountain department located in the southwestern. Within Colombia, no region produces more coffee than Huila.

Region of Huila produced 18% of the country’s coffee. But Huila’s value isn’t just in its quantity of coffee. It also lies in its quality. At the 2013, it received Denomination of Origin status for the product with unique, location-specific characteristics.

Huila’s coffee has a delicate profile, bright acidity, medium body, sweet, fruity and floral notes, caramel aroma as well.

This coffee is grown in a zone with climatic diversity. Huila is framed by the Central and Eastern ranges of the Andes, with most of it sitting in the Magdalena Valley. This provides great variation in climate: the temperatures on farms vary from 17°C to 23°C.  Most of these farms are between 1,200 and 1,800 meters above mean sea level. They also benefit from the nitrogen-rich volcanic soil.

You can expect to find a lot of varieties in Huila. This includes Caturra, Typica, Castillo, Bourbon, Colombia, Maragogype, Tabi, and even Geisha.

Dominated by small producers that they focus on quality rather than volume, Huila has much to offer.

Our blend comes from the Santa Elena farm, just a sidewalk of the small town Los Caímos. Erney Ordoñes is the owner of this beautiful estate, situated in approximately 1000 msl. He has dedicated his life to the production of coffee, using a special aerobic technique of fermentation for app. 55 hours, providing to the cup a really balanced drink.

Ruben Serna, the father of Doña Sandra, is the person taking care of the logistics in the farm. He does also the tasting and values it. As well he is involved in monitoring the score with which the coffee is valued.

Please write to us what kind and how much you would like to order and our representative will contact you for further details.

COLOMBIANA – Doña Sandra Selection

Species: Arabica
Atitude: 900 m MSL
Process: Washed
Fermentation technique: Aerobic
Variety: Catura
Production Area: Huila
Producer: Erney Ordoñes – Santa Elena Farm Los Caimos Farm
Category: Specialty
Import: Kokonuko Colombia Ltd.
Distribution: ViAle Italia Ltd.

COLOMBIANA – Doña Sandra Selection produced in Huila, Colombia. with a special aerobic fermentation technique. This coffee provides the perfect balance between acidity and aftertaste, the ideal for an exquisite espresso.

Cup characteristics
Aroma: Sweet, dried fruits, chocolate, fruity, floral.
Flavour: Milk chocolate, butter, marzipan, honey, apple, nectarine.
Body: Medium – Honeylike
Acidity: Medium – Malic/Citric
Aftertaste: Clean

SCA points: 86.5

250 g whole beans | 250 g ground coffee | 19 BGN
500 g whole beans | 500 g ground coffee | 35 BGN
1 kg whole beans | 1 kg ground coffee | 65 BGN