ViАle Italia is the road of the wine and other authentic
and high quality products from Italy to Bulgaria.


ViАle Italia is the road of the wine and other authentic and high quality products from Italy to Bulgaria.

The founders of ViAle Italia are Victor and Alena, who, driven by their love forTuscany and Italy in general, proficient of good wine and iconic Italian cuisine, have decided to embark on this endeavor to build the Road (viale means in Italian street, boulevard, road) that will connect these two wonderful countries.

The first stop on this road is Tuscany, one of the most important wine and historical regions of Italy.

Tuscany is the land of De Medici and culture, but it is also a fertile and lush land for agriculture: it is a land of mountains, hills, forests, but also of the sea, islands, parks, protected areas and – again – wineries, mills, villas and farms. Here you can see where the most famous grapes in the world grow, learn production techniques, go into the farms and try local products and, why not, interact with locals: you can find it all on the Tuscan Wine Routes.

Our next stop is Apulia.

In Apulia, wine is produced practically everywhere, which is not only an economic resource, but also a link with the tradition and culture of these places. Wine production is favoured by the climate and the amount of sun the earth receives throughout the year. 

The vine was probably present in Apulia before the time of Greek colonization in the eighth century BC. Some of the varieties that are now considered native to this region, such as NegroAmaro and Uva di Troia, were brought by the Greeks. 

Greco is also the “albarello”; vine system, the most common method in Apulia. 

In his monumental work Naturalis Historia, Pliny the Elder recalls that in Apulia there was the Black Malvasia of Brindisi and Lecce, Negroamaro and Uva di Troy. Pliny the Elder describes Manduria as “full of vines”

Soon we are going to revel which will be our third stop.

Who is the driving force behind ViAle Italia

Victor Manuel Spiga was born in Costa Rica but grew up in Italy. He has spent the last six years in Bulgaria, which he defines as his home.

Alena Sterk born in Sofia and constantly traveling between her two homelands: Germany and Bulgaria. In 1998 she visited Italy for the first time, in which she fell in love instantly.